Qualifications to drive: rental cars for rent

Poland has among the best traffic accident rates in Europe. Regulations and traffic rules have to be followed exactly in order to avoid injuries or substantial fines. Foreigners are anticipated to pay fines immediately.

In case you anticipate driving using wypozyczalnia samochodów kraków in Poland, you should be sure to know the tenets of the street and are in possession of a driving wypozyczalnia samochodów krakówlicense that is proper.

Traffic rules

Here are a few important points to remember when driving in Poland:

The way of the traffic is to the right hand side of the street.

When overtaking you must use your indexes and have to take the left lane.

Roads especially for using cabs or coaches are common and plainly marked.

Officers primarily coordinate roundabouts as well as their directions should be followed exactly.

Using handheld cellular devices is firmly prohibited for legal reasons.

Should you be simply at a stop light that was red and there exists a green arrow pointing to the right, you happen to be allowed to turn right however, you should give right of way to pedestrians.

Most parking areas are display and pay zones which means you have to buy your ticket and show it certainly for authorities to determine.